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Writing Experiments - A (dystopian) Music Video???



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You guys know writers love experimenting! I wrote an entire webseries (140 minutes & 7 episodes coming soon btw) called Deathday just to see if I could, learned the code and created an extensive Wikipedia page, which got 1800 hits in the last three days:

This time I’m sharing a Music Video Treatment for B. Howard’s song, “I Do It”. It’s going to be a massive tune and I got to thinking, what if its music video got the Elizabeth Amisu treatment?…

We begin with a newspaper headline: ‘Dance Is The Devil!’ which blows through an empty street. Dancing is a crime, punishable by death. The world is grey and cold: think Fincher’s ‘Fight Club’ (1999) and cut to “B”, a young guy, who wakes up in the middle of the night with a smile. He gets out of bed fully-dressed and makes his way out the house and through dimly streets to…

An odd-looking building. He looks around to check he’s not being followed and walks up the stairs to a pokey hole in the wall. An eye peers through the hole, B peers back. He shows him the eye this symbol on his palm: Δ******. We follow him inside…

Where kidz are dancing. The Δ****** symbol is everywhere – on their clothes, tattooed onto their skin. They are all wearing earphones (for the Gathering must be silent) while showing off mad moves going on. B takes off his jacket, puts on his earphones and begins to dance, mesmerising them. He’s the star of their underground movement.

As he’s just killing it, the girl of his dreams, let’s call her D (rhymes with B, right?) comes over and starts to dance with him. When…

The room is suddenly overrun with cops. They've been caught! B grabs D and runs with her through the room, protecting her. Then he turns to see she’s been taken! Oh No! She struggles with the officers. He looks around desperately for what to do, then takes a deep breath, clicks his fingers and the cop holding her drops to the ground.

B is superhuman.

He spreads his arms and as he lifts them, every cop in the room collapses.

All the kidz and D just stare at him, terrified. B smiles back. Then he motions to D and she takes his hand. Together, they flee the building. All the kidz follow. Disappearing into the city. End.
  1. Goals and Set Parameters. The message of the video is that dance is beautiful and conformity sucks (lol). Its core message is about individuality and the hidden treasures within a person. It’s for all who love Marvel superheroes and also listen to Justin Timberlake. The desired outcome is for young people to feel uplifted. It can be made on a shoe-string budget and would utilise the talents of the dancers mostly. It should last approximately 5-7 minutes.
  2. What’s the Concept?  In a world where dance is seen as evil, one guy fights back.
  3. What’s the Approach? A cold dark noir style, contrasting the warmth of B. Howard’s previous video, Dancefloor, with a sci-fi edge.
LEAVE A COMMENT: What do you think? How would you recreate the music video to your favourite song?

Writer and academic, Elizabeth Amisu, victor (in the Hunger Games sense) of the 2013/2014 'Beat the Author' competition, is a screenwriter and novelist. Check out her website, Writing Eliza, to find out more.

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